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Period 1/Week 1                                                 

UNIT: 1                A VISIT FROM A PEN PAL           
Lesson 1           SECTION:  - GETTING STARTED
                                                   - LISTEN AND READ

I/Objectives:By the end of the lesson, students will be able to know about some places Lan went to with a foreign friend and some activities they look part in together.
II/ Language contents:
             -Vocabulary: - verbs: comprise, correspond, depend , impress, divide, mosque, pray, separate.
                                    - Adjectives: compulsory ethinic, offcical….
                                    - Nouns: Buddhism, federation, ghost, puppet, religion, soil, territory, climate, Hinduism, mausdleum, region, riggit, tamil…
            -  Grammar structure:  - The past simple
                                                   - The past simple with WISH
III/Teaching methods and techniques:
-         Matching, Gap fill, Predict dialogue, mapped dialogue .
-         Slap the board. Rub out and remember, wordsquare
IV/Teaching aids: text-book, , picture cards, word cues, worksheets.
1 Check upChatting: .
2 Warm up:      Do you have any pen pal?
                              Where  do he / she live ?
                              Has she / he ever visited your city ?
                              What activities would do you during the visit ?
                                                                  - LISTEN AND READ

Pre- Reading
Admiring someone or something very much.
Checking :
Rub out and remember

While reading
Give feed back
To the whole class to the open

Work in pair

Post – Reading:

Ask Ss to recommen places of interest in their city and ask them to discuss where they should take their friends to and what activities they should.

1)     pre – teach Vocabulary:
(to) correspond  (v) [,kɔris'pɔnd] : trao đổi
a mosque  (n) [mɔsk] :  nhà thờ hồi giáo
(to) impress  (v) [im'pres] :  có ấn tượng
(to) be impress (v) :  bị ấn tượng
(to) pray (v) [prei] :    cầu nguyện
peaceful  (adj) ['pi:sfl] :   thanh bình
atmosphere  (n) ['ætməsfiə] :  bầu khí quyển, không khí
(to) depend  (v) [di'pend] : on somebody : cần ai cho mục đích gì  
(to) keep in touch  (v) :  giữ quan hệ
2)     Open – predition:
Lan’s Malaysia pen pal came to visit her in Ha noi. Can guessing where she went and what she did during her stay ?
+ Ask Ss to read the text to check their prediction and add some more imformation and correct option to complete the sentences on page 7.
·        Answers:
1)     lan and Maryam usually write to one another every two week.
2)     Maryam was impressed because HN people were friendly.
3)     The girls went to see famous places in HN, areas for recreation, aplace of workship.
4)     Maryam wanted to invite lan to Kualalumpar.
·        Speaking:
Cues:  + LangCo beach => Swimming beach in Hue.
+ BachMa – Natinal park  => mountain climbing / ecological tour.
+ LinhMu – Pagoda, TuDuc tomb => sightseeing / beautiful sight.
( Using the patterns).
S1: I think we should take our friends to Dong Ba market. We can do shopping or I’ll just introduce them a VietNames market.
S2: Good idea! I belive they will be interested in it .
+ Ask Ss to write a short paragraph about what they have just discussed with their partner.

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