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Ôn thi Tiếng Anh: CHUYÊN ĐỀ 1-CÁC THÌ (TENSES): XII.The Future Perfect Continuous tense

II.The Future Perfect Continuous tense:
1) Caùch thaønh laäp:
- Caâu khaúng ñònh: S + will/shall + have + been + V-ing
- Caâu phuû ñònh: S + will/shall + not + have + been + V-ing
- Caâu hoûi: Will/Shall + S + have + been + V-ing?
2) Caùch duøng chính: 
Thì TLHTTD duøng ñeå nhaán maïnh tính LIEÂN TUÏC cuûa haønh ñoäng so vôùi moät thôøi ñieåm naøo ñoù hoaëc haønh ñoäng khaùc trong töông lai.
- By next month, he will have been working in the office for ten years.
- When George gets his degree, he will have been studying at Oxford for four years.

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