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 About BitcoinV

Launched on 27 Feb 2019, BitcoinV aims to be a more decentralized version of Bitcoin. This is accomplished using Satoshi's Missing Link - VBR Decentralization Algorithm. The Variable Block Reward (VBR) feature is the engine behind promoting more decentralization. It was designed to allow miners to choose the block reward that they want to mine.

Why choose BitcoinV?

Secure: More decentralization providing safety of your funds.
Bitcoin:  BitcoinV was created by a Bitcoin developer to be a better Bitcoin.
Flexible: Miners can decide between x1 and x64 block rewards.

How to start with BitcoinV?

BitcoinV is developed to provide more decentralization via the Variable Block Reward (VBR) feature. It is always synched to the latest Bitcoin release while adding the VBR feature ensuring 100% Bitcoin code quality. BitcoinV improves upon the mining centralization problem faced by the crypto community over the last decade.
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What got it started?
BitcoinV was started by the Bitcoin developers. bitcoinVBR submitted the VBR code as a pull request to the Bitcoin core team. bitcoinVBR created BitcoinV to give the community a form of Bitcoin that doesn't suffer from mining centraliztion.

What BitcoinV offers? Long-term store of value 
A better form of digital gold than Bitcoin.

More protection from 51% attacks
More decentralized mining means that more independent miners are creating the blockchain; not 5 mining pools like Bitcoin.


Website: http/://

How to buy?
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