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1. What about Marsman?

Marksman is a trading company which was developed by industry experts that serves as a universal portfolio for investors.

The trading process includes trading algorithms, 500 + trades per second on exchanges using private software and talented Marksman traders.

Purchase sale of currency pairs, then at the next stage, the amount of profit received from transactions is distributed, after which it is transferred to the company's accounts for further distribution among investors to personal accounts available in the client's personal account. 

Marksman is a classy investment project run by a group of project managers who directly disclose to investors about the office, the field of direct Trading as well as organizing many online seminars. , Offline before officially going into operation and Marketing widely to investors from August 29, 2020.

Guide: Investment guide to make money with Marsman

Step 2.  Buy BTC or other crypto (Clike here for see more)
Step 3. Send crypto to Marsman's wallet
Bước 4. Wait and withdaw.

    2. Characteristics of Marksman

    Official launch: August 14, 2020.

    Accept investment through the ports: USD [Payeer, PM], Crypto [BTC, BCH, ETH, ETC, XRP, XMR, LTC, DASH, TRX, DOGE, USDT, ZEC]

    Accept withdrawal through the gateway: The value is converted into $ and you can withdraw to any gateway you like, calculated according to the converted price at the time of payment.

    Minimum investment: 25 $.

    Minimum payment: 0.1 $ if withdrawing to USD port, if withdrawing to Crypto port, it will be charged at the value of 0.002 BTC.

    Payment: Instant - Instant payment.

    Interest paid: 7 days / week.

    Information on other forums

4. Image of CEO of Marksman and image of meeting investors

5. Packages of interest at Marksman

5.1. Interest package in USD conversion

+ Money deposited from any port is fully converted to USD value at the time of deposit

+ To know the exact interest rate and interest date, drag the slider at the investment package to know details about what interest rate you are at.

Marksman Pool: Interest from 1.0% - 2.2% daily for 25-40 calendar days.

Return on investment: At the end of the interest cycle.

Investment: From 25 $ to 499 $.

Budapest Pool: Interest from 1.6% - 3.0% daily for 25-40 calendar days.
Return on investment: at the end of the interest cycle.
Investment: From 500 $.

5.2. Interest package converted to MKS

MKS is the own token of the Marksman project received through the Bounty program, the token reward program for reaching investment turnover from the system.

So this token is exclusive to Leader.

The price of MKS tokens is increasing gradually and can be converted at Payments => Exchange to other currencies.

Holding more MKS tokens makes Leader more profitable from the project. In addition, Leader can also use MKS tokens to invest to increase the number of MKS you have.

6. Make money with Marksman
1. Receive bonuses from downline investments
Any member has a program that receives bonuses from investments from 3 levels below: 9 - 3 - 1%.
You will receive% from 3 incremental lines if the sales of investment systems reach the required project level. See photo below for details.

2. Receive bonus MKS tokens
You will receive the MKS token bonus through the mission in the Bonuses section
You will receive bonus MKS tokens when the sales of the investment system reach the required level. The received MKS token value see the photo below.


Step 1: Register marksman: Marksman

Immediately after clicking on the registration link above you continue to click on GET ACCESS.

Click Sign Up.

Enter your personal information, note the 6-digit PIN of your choice and remember it to use when entering your wallet and withdrawal information.

Step 2: Login your email

After logging in from the link, you should install 2-layer security (2FA).

Step 3: Update your wallet
  As soon as you log into Settings => Wallets to update your crypto wallet.

Guide: Investment  Marksman

Step 1: Deposit 
To recharge your account go to Payments => Replenishment => Select port => enter the $ want to load => Continue.

Step 2: Investing in Marksman

When the deposit is loaded into your account you can invest by going to Investments => Select interest package $ => Enter the amount you want to invest => Invest.

Click Confirm to complete.

Note: Venture capital investment always has many potential risks. Need to consider carefully before investing.

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