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 Get the best education for finance and blockchain. Learn how to use DeFi and crypto software

Build a passive income by building a community

About MarketPeak

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MarketPeak is an education and distribution platform that is part of the PeakDeFi ecosystem. The goal of MarketPeak is to educate and train the community in the areas of finance, blockchain and DeFi. In addition, MarketPeak incentivizes the community with a very well thought out and fair reward plan.

Financial developments

The financial markets are also adapting to technological progress. In recent years, the term "FinTech" has become increasingly established, which brings with it a partial automation and simplification of bureaucracy in the financial sector. But this is not enough for today's investors. Today's investors want complete decentralization without great bureaucracy, and this is where DeFi comes in.

Even in 2020, only 1% around the world own cryptocurrencies

While it is very common in developing countries, that people own a bank account, in some other countries it is not. But most people around the world own a smartphone nowadays and with that, they would be able to own a crypto wallet and cryptocurrencies. Our goal is, to address and educate the global population who are not aware of cryptocurrencies and blockchain yet.

MarketPeak solves that by delivering a modern plattform for blockchain education and decentralized finance applications.

Marketpeak - Project From Dubai House Increases Coin PEAK  Monthly Up 7%

Features of Marketpeak

Official launch: June 2020.

Accept investment through ports: BTC, USDT, ETH

Minimum investment: 125 $.

Minimum payment: 100 PEAK - 0.01 BTC.

Withdrawal fee: 1%.

Payment: Manual - Maximum payment in 72 hours.

Interest paid: 7 days / time.

PEAK Coin is listed on 6 exchanges: Probit, Bibox, Consbit, Vindax, p2pb2b, Balancer.

Investment packages at Marketpeak review

You will receive interest once a week from 2.5-7% monthly in PEAK coin.

After the 1-year interest payment period is completed, each subsequent month you will withdraw 5% of the capital for the next 20 months. To achieve ROI of 130 - 184% after 32 months.

Subscription guide Market Peak

Setp 2. Login your Email 

Click link marketPeak send

Step 3: KYC

 Profile => Personal data =>Put  [First name : your name, Last name : Your last name] => Verification => Click to verify

Investment Guide Market Peak
Step 1: Dashboard => CMore Info 

 => Pay.

Send BTC to your wallet BTC in MarketPEAK .

Step2: Withdrawal

Wallets => Withdrawal.

=> Submit Application.

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