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What is Metaminers
Metaminers aims to provide users a most interesting experience in DeFi universe.
Our Dapp is combined various DeFi products with NFT gaming experience

NFT Economy

Utilising crypto collectibles to generate a financial ecosystem and offer an engaging DeFi + NFT experience.

Blockchain Gaming

Building a game-driven tokenomy that offers sustainable benefits to the metaminers community.

Yield Optimiser

Leveraging different DeFi protocols and strategies to maximize user profits.



Total Supply 128.8 billion

Phase I Network Heco

Phase I Circulation 23.8 billion

Phase II Network ETH

Phase II Circulation 30 billion

Phase III Network OK chain/BSC

Phase III Circulation 75 billion

How to mine MNC Token on your phone to receive daily MNC

Step 1.  Click here for rigisster đây để đăng ký tài khoản sau đó tải app về

Step 2.  Click on letters or shapes to verify it's not a robot

There are 2 software versions, 1 version for phones running Aindroid (Samsung, Oppo ... ; 1 version running IOS phones - Iphome.

Continue clicking as shown.

Installed MNC application is complete, open it and log in!

Overall the installation process is as easy as you install other application software. Pretty simple.

1. Every day, you open the MNC app once, you will see the amount of MNC increase daily,

2. This MNC you can withdraw to your wallet to sell or swap to other coins.

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