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Claim Airdrops receive  4.750.000 BUGG Token - Event ends on 2021

 Step 1. Copy  Contract:  


 Step 2. Paste Contract to Meta Wallet (BSC Network)

  Step 3. Visit the Web Here and Click Claim Airdrop to Receive Tokens

Exchange listing date: NON

Exchange: Pancakeswap

Keyword: Claim, Coin, Token, Free, Free Claim, Free Androps

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Stay Cozy with BUGG Finance

Hold your BUGG & Get 5% Instant Rewards on Every Transactions

Coin Burning

More than 39% tokens has been burnt

Helping Fund

BUGG Finance locked 9% supply for poor students to educate them and for other helps

Community Powered

Not just a community, but community of communities.

Instant Rewards

5% Instant rewards per transaction for holders.

Safe & Secure

Of course, We are burning token from the liquidity pool too. Forget risk and multiply your rewards.

A community regulated decentralized platform

BUGG Finance (BUGG) is a community-focused, decentralized cryptocurrency with instant rewards for holders.

Buy and Hold BUGG and you will automatically get more in your wallet. No need to farm, stake or claim.

Each trade also automatically adds liquidity on Pancakeswap leading to an ever-increasing price floor of BUGG. This means that even if every single BUGG holder sells, the price will not go to zero.

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