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 Claim Airdrops receive  Get 1000 GDOGE Coin (#GDOGE)  for Claim  - Cutdown on Sept /19/2021

 Step 1. Copy  Contract:

Contract: 0x683a7cfd2bac1d6d0308e45b87e93b28bd45878f

 Step 2. Paste Contract to Meta Wallet (BSC Network)

  Step 3. Visit the Web Here and Click Claim Airdrop to Receive Tokens

Exchange listing date: 19/9/2021.

Exchange: PancakeSwap, MXC, Coinmarketcap

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Invite your friends to claim and receive 100% Bonus

Invite your friends to buy and receive 100% Bonus

Example: Your friend claims 25,000 GDOGE You receive 25,000 GDOGE

After sale, GDOGE will be listed at PancakeSwap, MXC, Coinmarketcap

Sale Price: 0.01 BNB = 25,000 GDOGE

Minimum Buy: 0.01 BNB | Maximum Buy: 10 BNB

Listing Pancakeswap: September 19, 2021

Invite your friends to buy and receive 100% Bonus


While Decentralized Finance (DeFi) continues to make waves and maintain its parabolic growth, yield farming remains a popular tool for generating returns from long-term holdings. For the uninitiated, yield farming is simply the act of staking your assets into a platform to earn yield. In addition, if (DEFI) Decentralization combines with Game NFT, it will be a great thing. It is possible to experience the game and make a profit from both staking and playing NFT games.

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