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  Claim Airdrops receive  Get 25 $GDEX for Claim  - Event ends on Dec/1/2021

 Step 1. Copy  Contract:

Contract: 0xef1cf63de6a4aece17ea3404a23fa3b4835b59ad

 Step 2. Paste Contract to Meta Wallet (BSC Network)

  Step 3. Visit the Web Here and Click Claim Airdrop to Receive Tokens

Exchange listing date: Dec, 30, 2021

Exchange: Pancakeswap

Liquidity Protocol

GhostDex is a liquidity protocol powered by the GhostAMM Protocol..

Cross-Chain Assets

GhostDex supports advanced smart contracts Polkadot, Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain.

Fast & Security

GhostDex smart contracts are fast 

If you received invite token, it means you will receive 50 $GDEX and Ghost NFTs

You can Change Buying Amount: to 10BNB

 Sale price: 0.01 BNB = 500 GDEX

 Minimum buy: 0.01 BNB Maximum buy: 10 BNB

Invite your friends to claim & receive 30% BNB+70% GDEX

 Invite your friends to buy & receive 30% BNB+70% GDEX

 Example, Your friend claim or buy 1000 GDEX You receive 0.003 BNB + 700 GDEX

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